Mama Masala Glengormley

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Menu Mama Masala Glengormley

Are you on the lookout for a mouth-watering experience of Indian cuisine? Well then, we have got you covered. Mama Masala Glengormley is the best choice in the city for a place to taste the royalty of Indian food. Let's take a closer look at our menu that'll help you to decide what your heart craves for. Appetizers are a great way of starting your meal. We have some of the best items found in India like Vegetable Samosa, Chicken Pakora, Mixed Vegetable Starter, Chicken Puri, Mama Masala Chilli Squid etc. Yummy, aren't they? Let's dig in a bit deeper. There are some exquisite items that our mostly recommend. They include Tandoori Chicken Shashlik, Tandoori Monkfish, Lamb Tikka, Pasanda Dishes, Dansak Dishes. We really cannot wait to see that face of yours while you eat one of these. It would be an honour for us to serve you with the best ever dish of India, that is Indian curry. Some of our signature items of curry preparations are Traditional Indian Curry, Rara Ghosht, Makhani Dishes, Mixed Veg Bura, Turka Daal etc. India is known for its excellent dishes in breads and we have on offer some of most tasty ones like Coriander Naan, Keema Naan, Tandoori Chapati, Garlic Cheese Naan, Mama Masala Naan, Spicy Naan etc. There are whole lot more items for you to discover and for that, you need to pay us a visit.

About Mama Masala Glengormley

A restaurant like ours believes in the sheer satisfaction of our customers. We are of the belief that quality is the key to success and it has taken us a lot of time to achieve the goal of being one of the best in the city. It is by maintaining consistency in taste across our range that we have gained so much of popularity in the city for presenting the best of the Indian cuisine under one roof. If you happen to be an ardent lover of India and its food, come to us at least once and we guarantee you that your experience would be a majestic one. But, if it is not an option for you at the given day, you can always order from our home delivery services. Head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download our free app. That way, you get to choose any item from our endless number of choices. Once you're done with placing the order, be assured that happiness is on its way

Restaurant location Mama Masala Glengormley

Great food deserves to be found in a great location. That is why we are located in a very prime position in the city. To be exact, we reside at 377 Antrim Road, Glengormley, BT36 5EB. This is one great location and is hugely advantageous for maintaining our services. Prompt delivery is always maintained from our side. Also, the passers-by are easily able to locate us even from a distance. Yet, if there is any difficulty for you to find us, just open our app and switch on navigation to be guided safely to us. We also have full details of our restaurant as well as its location embedded in the website of our restaurant. So, don't miss out on the ecstasy of the true Indian fare. Visit us today.

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